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-By Ephraim on 5/21/2019 
Piano, In home

Chris is patient, understanding and supportive. After only one lesson I already feel better about my musical journey. Thank you!

-By Ron on 9/26/2018 
Electric Guitar, Online

Chris is a great teacher. I met him in group lessons. And now I’m using him for personal lessons. It was a good lesson.

-By Synnove on 9/6/2018 
Piano, In home

Chris was really great with my daughter! She can't wait for her next lesson.

-By Komal on 12/1/2017 
Guitar, In home

Mr. Chris is really pleasant and fun teacher. He was on time and made his first lesson very interesting. He reviewed my son patiently for whatever he has learned before and then introduced him to some new notes. He didn’t rush with the time and made sure my son is comfortable with him.
Looking forward to the next class with him.👍🏻

-By Andrew on 8/16/2017 
Piano, In studio

Chris has been an excellent teacher and has done a fantastic job of helping me not only improve my playing ability, but also improve my understanding of music theory. He is clearly very educated in all styles of music and he had great lesson plans that were specifically tailored for my level of playing. Lastly, he does a fantastic job of making sure I'm having fun while learning music.

-By lisa Schuyler on 2/20/2017 

My son has never played a musical instrument so I wasn't sure how this would go, but Christopher has really connected with him. He came home and actually practiced during the week! And Christopher always comes out after the lesson and gives me a little update which matters to me as a mom. I also appreciate how he doesn't just boot him out the door at the end of the lesson. AND my son is actually talking about music! Definitely learning more than just some chords. Good instructor who obviously loves and respects music. :)

-By Ignacio Soto on 11/27/2016 

I have been a self-taught guitarist for 10+ years, but quickly had some weaknesses exposed after starting lessons with Chris, which is a good thing. When I show up for a lesson, Chris has prepared in advance and is ready to go. He has also given some good advice to optimize the time I spend practicing on my own.

-By Danny Klein on 11/12/2016

Christopher is brilliant! Very knowledgable, professional and really cool to work with. Appreciate him very much.
Highly recommend!

-By Kevin T. on 10/10/2016 

Chris is a great teacher who really knows how to make the process of learning easy and fun. You can really tell how much he loves music when he teaches. He is able to break down concepts in simple terms and most importantly shows me how to apply it! I love learning from him and have become a better musician thanks to Chris!

-By Logan Charles on 9/23/2016 

Christopher is great! He's the first guitar teacher I've had who is able to put their passion for music into teaching, and it really shows. He's extremely knowledgable and gets his point across very well. His teaching method is very easy to understand and it actually makes sense. On top of that, he's also just a really cool dude. Definitely recommend him!

-By Stephanie Jones on 3/27/2016 

I am a currently taking lessons from Chris and I am very impressed by his teaching style. As a beginner guitar player it is important for me to have an instructor that is enthusiastic and encourages me to do better. He has helped me to improve my skills and has given me the tools in order to excel as a guitar player. I definitely recommend and have recommended Chris to other students that wish to advance their guitar skills.

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